Even while still at school the Artist was fascinated by the faces of the earth, music and literature. After studying interior architecture, he gave a fundamental base to his powers of expression by studying painting and graphic design under Prof. Koenig in Munich.The Artist`s life so far was a single journey -Rome, Florence, Venice, Cape Town, New York, Toronto, Zurich, Paris & Cote d`Azur. The interaction with so many fascinating places and cultures and his interest for architecture explain the inspiration for Art in general and empowered him to create objects, which allow the observer to share in the aesthetic sensivity of the artist allied to highly acute understanding of colours. His work always explores the field of tension between the lines,colours and space.
To meet the ever growing demand of his artwork and to allow his art to be enjoyed by an even greater number of collectors d`Autriche`s art is now also available in a limited-edition signed graphic format.Each piece is created using highly sophisticated technology that captures the feeling and nuances of colours and 3dimension space. Therefor the artist is not using rather primitive technics of the past, such as silkscreen.